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Our HSC English courses are accelerated programs to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the English syllabus and prescribed school texts to ensure students feel confident with all facets of the HSC English curriculum. Students gain an appreciation for English through an extensive range of text types and literary genres. With specialised knowledge of the HSC prescribed texts, we help students to critically engage their relevant texts for the HSC English modules in advance and provide tailored support for school assessments.

Our personalised English lessons for high school students are designed to help students develop their understanding and confidence in analysing texts, honing their analytical and persuasive essay writing, and fine-tuning their creative writing skills regarding imaginative and discursive responses.

Importantly, our specialised lessons enable students to not only accelerate their learning but to think critically and develop a mastery of the English language (learn more). At the heart of what we do, we equip and prepare students not only for their HSC, but for their future – so that they can be critical thinkers, and articulate and creative communicators.

Courses Offered


English Advanced

  • Texts & Human Experiences
  • Module A: Textual Conversations
  • Module B: Critical Study of Literature
  • Module C: Craft of Writing


Extension English I & II

  • Literary Worlds
  • Electives


English Standard

  • Texts & Human Experiences
  • Module A: Language, Identity & Culture
  • Module B: Close Study of Literature
  • Module C: Craft of Writing



  • Focus on Writing
  • Module A: Texts & Human Experiences
  • Module B: Language, Identity & Culture
  • Module C: Close Study of Literature


We make learning meaningful to nurture critical thinkers, and articulate and creative communicators.

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