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Salina Yoon

Head of English
Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (USYD)

Salina is the Head of English at Scholardome. She has an extensive background in helping numerous students from a wide array of private and top selective schools in Sydney achieve phenomenal results in English. With over 11 years of teaching experience, Salina brings specialised knowledge in helping students meticulously craft essays and develop their penchant for imaginative expressions.

Salina’s teaching philosophy is to place an emphasis on making lessons engaging and comprehensible while accelerating students with textual analysis, essay writing and comprehension skills so that students may develop their confidence to perform their best under strenuous conditions for school assessments and exams.

Salina is passionate about building strong foundations and knows how to tailor lessons to best suit students’ individual needs and learning styles. When she isn’t teaching, she is a bibliophile, sci-fi/fantasy novel and film enthusiast and a bit of a Greek and Roman mythology buff.

Salina graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney with a Distinction WAM and worked as a consultant at a top international professional services firm.

James Yoon

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (MQ) (Merit Scholar & Macquarie University Merit Scholarship Recipient)

James found his passion for teaching and mentoring students in high school when he worked as a peer tutor during years 10- 12 to help students read and write, and scribe for HSC examinations through peer tutoring and mentoring programs. Since then, James has helped students from a vast array of public, private and top selective schools in NSW to achieve remarkable results in English for over 13 years.

James has an uncanny ability to engage students and break down key concepts and complex ideas in an understandable and relatable way and has helped students to not only make dramatic improvements but find a greater appreciation of English through his unique teaching methodologies. He fosters students to think interpretively, creatively and critically and helps students to learn effectively – bridging the gap between academic theory and practical application in both written and spoken assessments.

James graduated as a Merit Scholar (Merit List) at Macquarie University and was the recipient of the Macquarie University Merit Scholarship; Macquarie University’s highest undergraduate university scholarship for academic merit. He is admitted as a solicitor in NSW and has worked as a lawyer and consultant at a top international professional services firm prior to pursuing his passion for English education.


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