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salina profile
English Scholar

Salina Yoon

Head of English

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (USYD) (Distinction WAM)

As the Head of English at Scholardome and a seasoned tutor with over 13 years of tutoring experience, Salina oversees the vision of English tuition, elevating the delivery of exceptional learning. She is lifting the standards of student engagement and innovating teaching approaches that are transforming the HSC, IB and Selective preparation journey. Prior to building her reputation as one of Sydney’s leading English tutors, Salina graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney with a Distinction WAM and worked as a consultant at a top international professional services firm. With oversight of the whole learning content and curriculum at Scholardome, Salina established a reputation in possessing an unparalleled skill in making lessons engaging and comprehensible while accelerating students’ learning, guiding a plethora of students from top private, selective and public schools in NSW to achieve phenomenal results in English. She imbues her specialised knowledge in a wide range of texts to help students understand how to meticulously craft essays and develop their penchant for imaginative expressions to improve students’ learning. Salina is renowned for her unwavering passion to build strong foundations and understands the subtle nuances to help tailor lessons to best suit students’ individual needs with authenticity, expertise and genuine care. When she isn’t teaching, she is a bibliophile, sci-fi/fantasy novel and film enthusiast and a bit of a Greek and Roman mythology buff.

james profile
English Scholar

James Yoon


Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (MU) (Merit Scholar & Macquarie University Merit Scholarship Recipient)

James is raising the bar in HSC and IB English tutoring in Sydney. With his unrivalled pursuit for excellence, he has become one of the most sought-after English tutors in Sydney’s North Shore. Across every aspect of his interaction with students, teaching methods, and outcomes, he is setting new benchmarks in student performance and pedagogy. It’s James’ uncanny ability to break down key concepts and complex ideas, in an understandable and relatable way that has distinguished him as one of Sydney’s most highly-coveted English tutors. With 14 years of specialised tutoring experience, students under his tutelage have not only made dramatic improvements, but an overwhelming number of his students have topped English amongst many of the top high schools in NSW, won State, National and International Essay awards and English competitions, and have received numerous university academic scholarships. Before dedicating to full-time teaching, James graduated as a Merit Scholar (Merit List) from Macquarie University, where he was also awarded the highest undergraduate scholarship for academic merit; the Macquarie University Merit Scholarship. With a background as a lawyer in NSW, James is committed to bridge the gap between academic theory and practical application, continually improving the delivery of Scholardome’s lessons.

alyssa profile
English Scholar

Alyssa Chen

Senior Tutor

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (USYD) (Distinction WAM & Dalyell Scholar)

Alyssa is an accomplished English tutor with a passion for empowering students to achieve their goals. Studying a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney, Alyssa is a keen critical thinker grounded in her passion for literature, enabling her to guide students to develop a deep understanding of the nuances of language, critical thinking and analytical writing. With her unique legal and creative writing expertise, she helps students develop their writing and communication skills in a way that is both clear and persuasive. Her teaching approach is student-centred, focused on understanding each student’s unique strengths and challenges. With over 3 years teaching experience, Alyssa’s tutoring sessions are engaging, informative, and tailored to meet the needs of each student. 

justin profile
English Scholar

Justin Lee

Senior Tutor

Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine (UNSW)

Justin is an exceptional English tutor and mentor with a passion for literature and a strong commitment to helping his students excel. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine at UNSW, Justin is well-acquainted with the demands of rigorous study and academics; he understands the challenges that students face when learning difficult and new concepts.

He breaks down the learning process through a supportive approach that is both effective and enjoyable. Justin works closely with students to focus on clarity, precision, and effective written and verbal communication, to help them hone their writing and language skills, English proficiency and to both elevate and refine their writing for academic success.

English Scholar

Charlotte Kang

Senior Tutor

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (MU)
Charlotte combines her rigorous academic background with her talent in English, providing her students with a comprehensive approach to their studies in English. Charlotte’s approach to tutoring emphasises critical thinking, effective writing, and textual analysis, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of literature. Undertaking the Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce at Macquarie University, she offers a unique perspective in helping students craft complex ideas and expressions to exceed their academic goals. Charlotte’s passion and commitment to her students are reflected in her dedication to helping them through personalised and engaging tutoring sessions, making her a favourite among students.
English Scholar

Benjamin Kim

Senior Tutor

Bachelor of Vision Science / Master of Clinical Optometry (UNSW)
As an English scholar who has achieved academic excellence in English, Benjamin brings a distinct blend of empathy, knowledge, and insight in his tutorials. He understands what it takes to do well in English, and his teaching is characterised by his patient and thorough approach, ensuring students fully grasp important advanced English concepts. Whether it’s aiming to make improvements, or striving for higher rankings, Benjamin is experienced in meeting his students’ diverse needs and enhancing their learning and engagement. Studying Bachelor Vision Science and Master Clinical Optometry at UNSW, Benjamin empowers his students to build confidence in their analytical writing and written expressions and, beyond academic excellence, he is a great mentor for students.
English Scholar

Hannah Yu

Senior Tutor

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (UNSW)
Hannah’s exceptional skill in creative writing and analytical prowess allows her to unlock student’s curiosity. Leveraging her background in Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts at UNSW, she enriches student’s learning and loves to foster an environment where questions are encourages and understanding deepens. She helps students unpack difficult English skills and concepts effectively, allowing students to gain insight in her tutorials. Hannah’s ability to inspire and challenge her students allows literature to resonate with them, enabling them to weave in their own narratives and ideas with confidence.